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Flat-Rate DISCOUNT Shipping

(shipping, handling, and processing fee)

 Orders up to $190 = $9.95

 Orders $191-$1,200 = $29

Orders $1,201-1,600 = $50

 Orders $1,601-$3,200 = $125

Orders $3,201 and up = $200

Single Shavers Special Discount Flat-Rate = $125

Rates shown are for Continental U.S. only

Contact us for other shipping rates    

Special Shipping Rates apply to all orders shipped by

December 31, 2024


Standard Shipping: Allow 3-7 business days using Ground service.

Express Shipping Order Under $50: Next business day deliver on orders placed before noon CST.

Express Orders over $50? Call for a custom quote.

The initial date of shipment is not considered a transit day. For example, if an order is packaged and shipped on Monday, the first transit day is Tuesday. In addition, transit days do not include Saturday, Sunday or any major holidays.


We do ship internationally.  Contact our office for special international pricing and shipping information.


Please verify all items were received as indicated on your packing slip and arrived in good condition. Any discrepancies or shipping damage must be reported within 10 days after receipt of your order.  

After 10 days we will not accept requests for any missing items or shipping damage!


What forms of payments do you accept? 

For your convenience, we accept most major credit cards.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and most bank debit cards.


Returns may be accepted within 30 days at the discretion of SwanIceShavers.com

Returns of shave ice machines will only be accepted when the machine is returned in brand new, unused, mint condition in the original unopened packaging only. Due to our high-quality commercial product standards, we must open, inspect, test, recalibrate and re-package with new factory packaging all equipment that has left our facility and has been returned.

Therefore, a 20% restocking fee is charged on all equipment that is authorized for return. To return items please contact us and request a Return Authorization (RA) number.

Shipments without an RA number will be treated as abandoned property and will not be processed!

In order to maintain the high quality of our commercial products, we consider any Shave Ice Machine that has been opened, operated, or tested to be in an unsellable condition for commercial use and therefore cannot be returned.



This limited warranty (“warranty”) is only provided to the original end-use purchaser from SwanIceShavers.com.  If you purchased your Swan Ice Shaver from a Swan re-seller, please contact them directly for any warranty support.   To begin a claim, please contact customer service and provide the following:

  • Invoice Number
  • Name & Shipping Address
  • Machine Serial Number


SwanIceShavers.com agrees to provide the original purchaser a limited warranty on the Swan Ice Shaver to be free of manufacturing defects for a period of one year (365 days) from the date of purchase. 


This Limited Warranty excludes normal wear and tear and does not include wear & tear parts such as blades, brakes, gears, switches, belts, etc.  

This Limited Warranty does not cover any damage such as:

  1. Physical damage to the machine.
  2. Damage caused by improper installation, improper or abnormal use, misuse, neglect, or accident (including but not limited to transporting machinery without proper preparation and/or packaging).
  3. Damage caused by another user other than the original end-use purchaser.
  4. Damage caused by improper and unauthorized disassembly of the machine without SwanIceShavers.com prior authorization.
  5. Damage caused by the improper voltage to machine, i.e. using incorrect extension cords, inverters, generators. etc. 


In addition, this warranty does not apply to (1) defects resulting from fire, explosion, water, earthquake, windstorm, hail, tornado, or other abnormal environmental conditions; and (2) defects arising from neglect or abuse. Neglect or abuse includes, but is not limited to the use of contaminated, inadequate, or excessive amounts of grease; exposure to extreme temperatures; improper storage or improper protection from climatic elements; accident, collision, vandalism, abuse, or other physical mishaps, whether by the original purchaser or any other party.

SwanIceShavers.com will not compensate for any monetary losses as a result of machinery defects, whatsoever.


Should you experience a performance issue with your Swan Ice Shaver please contact customer service at SwanIceShavers.com. Our service technician will work with you to troubleshoot the problem and resolve it as quickly as possible over the phone/FaceTime/Zoom. 

If it is determined to be a warranty service issue and you are within the warranty period, the identified replacement part will be sent to you free of charge, based upon authorization from SwanIceShavers.com.

If we are unable to resolve a warranty issue via troubleshooting, you may be required to send the shaver properly packaged to SwanIceShavers.com for inspection.  You are responsible for the cost of shipping, expedited shipping, packing product securely, and insurance (if you desire). You are also responsible for any loss or damage to the machinery and its component parts during shipping.

After the inspection, if the machinery is deemed defective, SwanIceShavers.com will repair or replace the defective machinery partial or as a whole and reship the machine back to the original end-use purchaser at SwanIceShavers.com’s expense.

SwanIceShavers.com may require a minimum of 5 business days, and up to 30 calendar days to process all warranty services, depending on replacement components or machinery availability.